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January and February 2021

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COVID-19 Update

 We want to assure you that Fingal Farm is fully prepared for spring. We have majority of our products in place in our warehouse or the within our Agromart network. With the COVID-19 situation evolving so quickly. We are taking measures to ensure our staff and customers stay healthy.

In order to keep everyone healthy and able to best serve our customers we have decided on the following:
– We have asked our staff to stay home if the do not feel well and to call their doctor.All face to face meetings have been cancelled.
– We have closed the retail component of our business but will continue to service our agricultural customers.
– Increased sanitization at the location. Including proper hand washing, disinfectant in trucks, and increase office cleanings.
– Limiting of physical interaction between people. Orders will be taken by phone ahead of arrival or customers can stay in their truck/tractor while ordering and loading at Fingal. 
We are ready to fulfill all needs of the customers this coming spring. We ask that starting today until further notice. That customers call the location with their orders for Fertilizer, Seed and Chemical. We will have the blends ready to load when you arrive, seed and chemical will be sitting ready for you to be loaded. The more notice that can be given to our staff the better. Especially around packaged goods that we likely already know today what we will need a week from now. These are challenging times. We all have to work together for the health and safety of the everyone.

James Murray

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